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Wiki about the Kurtherian Gambit spawned books. Starting to build a character index with descriptions (spoilers almost impossible to avoid).

Series KeyEdit

KG The Kurtherian Gambit
FK Frank Kurns Stories
BC The Boris Chronicles
T&T Trials and Tribulations
EC The Etheric Academy (Young Adult)
THC Terry Henry Chronicles
SDA The Second Dark Ages
RH Reclaimed By Honor

Partial TimelineEdit

  • EARLY story
    • Honor in Death, a short story in the anthology Glimpse (Michael's First Few Days)
  • The Kurtherian Gambit - First Arc (KG1-KG7)
    • Death Becomes Her (KG1)
    • Queen Bitch (KG2)
    • Love Lost (KG3)
    • Bite This (KG4)
    • Never Forsaken (KG5)
    • Under My Heel (KG6)
    • Kneel Or Die (KG7)
  • The Kurtherian Gambit - Second Arc starts (KG8-KG14)
    • You Don't Touch John's Cousin (FK1)
    • We Will Build (KG8)
    • It's Hell To Choose (KG9)
    • Release The Dogs Of War (KG10)
    • Bitch's Night Out (FK2)
    • Sued For Peace (KG11)
    • Evacuation (BC1)
    • We Have Contact (KG12)
    • Retaliation (BC2)
    • My Rides A Bitch (KG13)
  • - Original Three Year Gap starts -
    • Risk Be Damned (T&T1)
    • Etheric Academy
  • - Original Three Year Gap ends -
    • Don't Cross This Line (KG14)
  • The Kurtherian Gambit - Second Arc ends
    • Never Submit (KG15) (does this go with the second arc?)
  • World's Worst Day Ever
  • World's Worst Day Ever + 20 years
    • Nomad Found (THC1)
  • WWDE + 150 years
    • The Dark Messiah - Michael's Return (SDA1)
    • Justice Is Calling (RH1)
    • Claimed By Honor (RH2)
    • Judgment Has Fallen (RH3)


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